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MeanWell LPC-35-700 question


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According to RapidLED the MeanWell LPC-35-700 works for 3 ~14 LEDs... But everywhere else I look it says 3~12 LEDs. I just finished wiring up 14 LEDs for each of my MeanWell LPC-35-700 drivers... Am I going to do damage to anything by running 14? I'm still confused as to how drivers work despite reading up on the LED threads.

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You won't damage it, but it will run very hot and longevity will suffer if you run too many LEDs on it.


The LPC-35-700 is a 48volt driver and a constant 700mA. This means it can 'push' LED in series with the total forward voltage no greater than 48. So, you add up the total forward voltage of all the LEd's in series and it will have to be lower than 48 volts.


The forward voltage of Cree's has steadily dropped, and at 700mA is 3.2 with XP-Gs, and 3.4-3.6 with XP-Es depending on generation. XT-Es are even lower. You can look this up on the PDF spec sheet for various LED's. Chinese LED's and Bridgelux tend to follow the specs for older gen XP-Es, and around 3.6 volts at 700mA.


So, if you're using entirely 3.6volt XP-Es you can run 13 in series because using 14 will be over 48 volts. If you were using XP-Gs you could run 15.


The murky area is you shouldn't run these drivers as close to their maximum voltage because as I said above it will run hot and it's lifespan will be decreased. I'd stick to a dozen LEDs and no more.

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Thanks for clearing that up, blasterman. I think I'll be just fine minus two LEDs on each fixture- I'm running Bridgelux that vary from 3.6 to 3.8.


AquaStyle makes for a good cheap set of training wheels before I went and messed up some CREEs. Time to research the next project... Haha.

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Just remember to never 'hot connect' a LED array to a powered driver. That's usually what beginners do, and I still do it on occasion. LED's go 'poof'. Good work tracking down the forward voltage on Bridgelux.


I really need to test some Bridgelux on a spectrometer and see how the compare to Cree at some point.

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Just remember to never 'hot connect' a LED array to a powered driver.


Need some clarification on this please. Can you define "hot connect" and when you say "a powered driver" do you mean some type of driver or just the state of a driver being plugged in?


I just want to be clear on this. Because if I understand you correctly I believe what you are saying is never wire up an array to a driver that is plugged in. Or is there some other meaning I'm missing?


Thanks for all your input,



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Bump. What's "hot connect" mean?

I think he means don't connect your leds to the power supply when it is plugged in (turned on). It will likely blow your leds like my loose connection did. Annoying and expensive!

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