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How bad is the glass anemone


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And this thing on the live rock is like a ugly thing moving


Not sure about the moving thing (too blurry, sorry), but glass anemones, aka Aiptasia, are bad. Bad bad bad bad bad. Very much bad. Kill them all, as quickly as you can, as dead as you can. Don't try to "scrub" or pick them off, they have to be killed with some kind of liquid (like lemon juice) or biological (copperband butterflyfish, berghia nudibranch, or peppermint shrimp).


Kill them dead. Now.

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They really aren't that bad for a while. A lot of people just repeat what they have heard. This is because they were smart enough to kill them soon.


They don't multiply to fast really. If you leave 3 or 4 in your tank and 9 months later you notice 1 or 2 you may not worry about it... it's only one or two. Once you pass that point, you might as well just plan on getting some peppermints to help you cause it's gonna be a war.

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I always had a few in my tank and it's not blown up yet. Bishop is spot on what he said, they are only a problem when there's a lot or they are near coral.


I'm going to inject two because they are sitting where I want to put some SPS frags.


Just stay on top of it if you notice more pop up and you'll be good to go.

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Glass anemones get a bad rap. They are excellent filters, just kind of dbags to other corals. I actually love the way they look when they get bigger. That being said, I am a hypocrite, as I don't have any at all now since my shrimp decided to snack on them.

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You can SuperGlue (gel) the bigger Aptaisa right in their holes also. In the tank or out doesn't matter.

I use this method with 100% success.


Snail looks like a stomatella to me also, but a better close up would get a specific ID if ya want.

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the amount of aiptasia is directly proportional to how well you keep your nutrients under control


if you start with one but feed a lot and never do WCs, youre going to have a bunch in no time


if you stay diligent and maintain sps-like water params, they are likely to very slowly spread


either way they suck

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Peppermint shrimp or Aptasi-X work well for in tank solutions. But if its on a pice of live rock that you can get out of the tank there's always the other tried and true method... "Kill It With Fire!" Like previously said, they are great at helping filter water. It's just that they are also great at fking with corals they grow near. I personally have 2 peppermints that have removed all the Aptaisa that once had a good foothold on my live rock.

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