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I have a filter that i'm planning on using as a "chemical" filter. I'm planning on only putting carbon in it to help regulate water quality in a puffer tank of mine. However, it has some nasty algea growth on it. This is terrible gross stuff. Since it's plastic I obviously can't boil it to kill all the gunk, so I was wondering if I could splash some H2O2 (hydrogen perioxide) onto it. My logic behind this is it turns into water and hydrogen when exposed to sunlight, so the would be no residue besides water.


Thoughts on this? The last thing I want to do is kill my puffer fish!!!

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I've seen threads on here where people add the stuff to their tanks.

It really should be fine. If you want to be extra safe, soak it in water when you're done.

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why don't you take it off the tank? then soak in vinegar and scrub with a toothbrush.


It i off the tank. Sorry, I wasn't clear about that. The only reason I was planning on the H2O2 was I see so much about no using soaps ans such in instruction manuels and on the web I though it made sense to use something that only had water as a left over.


I hadn't heard of using vinegar before this. If that more effective, that is what I shall use :lol:


How long should it be in the vinegar? Is it a dunk of a actually bath?


Thanks for the replies, btw!

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Tanks alot! (bet you havent hear that one before :rolleyes: )


I'm going with a 50% vinegar/ water soak this afternoon. If doesn't do the trick nothing will

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