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Are inverts usually free of disease...is it Ok to buy them from Petco?


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I need to buy a few larger snails and an emerald crab or two (things that can't be sent the cheaper shipping from ReefCleaner.org). Are inverts usually free of disease, itch, etc. at pet stores?


Some of the fish at my local Petco do NOT look healthy, but the inverts look OK. Is it a bad idea to buy inverts from a store with some unhealthy looking fish?


Is it important for inverts be placed in quarentine tank before main tank?


Thanks, Doug

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You will be fine buying the inverts from anywhere as long as they are'nt on there last leg already, They shouldnt carry any type of disease, At least not anything that your fish or anything like that could catch

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Keep in mind alot of pet stores run with lower salinity to slow or prevent the spread of ick and other diseases, so inverts should be acclimated slowly, not just float and dump.

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sometimes they have parasites on them. they look like strange bumps that are rather large. not like ick. more like a tick

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Just a couple of days ago I visited one of the Petco stores here in New York. There were several Astrae snails in one of the tank and all of them had 2-3 tiny, little worms of some kind moving very fast on their shells. Trust me the worms didn't look very nice on those snails.

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