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good skimmer for JBJ 28 Nano Quad without significant modification?

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What is a good skimmer for the JBJ 28 Nano Quad without needing to modify the tank or skimmer significantly?


I'd like the option of using the media basket for an in tank refugium using the magnetic led light in the future.

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Make sure it is the remora nano

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Aqua c remora or a eshopps psk 75h or 100h


These seem way too big to fit in the back compartment or the main display on a 28 G. nano cube. Does anyone have a picture of them in use or describe where they are installed.


Thanks, Doug

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Aquamaxx HOB-1 ( aka JNS-VS1) is the best. Tons of JBJ owners running it over on reefcentral.

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