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cheap, easy auto top off.....pump fed not gravity fed


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I'm looking to build a cheap, easy auto top off which is NOT gravity fed. I'd like to put the top off water in my stand below my tank.


I'm putting it in a Nano Cube 28.

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pretty simple ghetto setup, however it doesn't take into account a safety measure in case you pump to much water.


  • figure out the amount of water you need to top off
  • buy a cheap ditial timer from homedepot or lowes for under $15
  • buy a aqualifter pump for $11.59
  • buy 1/4" flexable airline tubing for your hoses, however much you need


the aqualifter will pump about 3.5 gallons an hour so if you need to do the math to see how long it will run.


program the running time into your timer, do it in one big chunk or do it a few times over the course of the day. place the inlet hose into your top off container, the outlet end into your sump or tank (make sure its not under water or it will back syphon and drain your tank)


plug the pump into the timer, the timer into the wall and eat bacon in victory!


*ps if this helps please send bacon :lol:

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