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do i need to cycle a QT tank?


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Do i just need to make SW and keep it in a tank with a heater and powerhead? and then do frequent water changes? or do i need to cycle the tank? any info would help ! thanks!

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It depends what you add to the tank. If you go with out any substrate or rock then there isn't going to be much of cycle. In that case, I would say a heater and a small HOB filter with floss and carbon would do the trick. Frequent water changes never hurt...

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Is this just a temp tank to diagnose and check new fish and specimen? If so, then from what I understand the frequent water change route is the way to go, because if you do have an ill fish you're going to have to scrap pretty much everything so the next fish you quarantine doesn't get that.

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I am cycling my first ever SW tank currently, a 17 gallon tank, and im told a QT is the way to go, i dont want to introduce anything into the 17 gallon tank, so i have a spare 10 gallon tank, and a spare HOB filter, and heater, it will just be used to check out new fish to make sure they arent sick before they go in the 17 gallon. So if i hear you correctly, i can put in new SW, get it to temperature and then add a fish to it, and just keep up with frequent water changes and i should be fine. I will be getting a B&W clown soon, my display tank isnt fully cycled yet but i suppose i could get the clown anyways and put it in the QT since it will be in there for at least 4 weeks anways right?


Thanks for the help !

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