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Vent's Vert Tank


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Welcome everyone,

I have been a lurker on this forum a while now, and you all inspired me to set up a nano reef tank. I have had great success over the years with fresh water (I still have a 10 gallon neon tetra/freshwater clam tank and a 55 gallon tropical cichlid tank in my classroom) and I have dabbled in salt water before. The last salt water tank I had was 12 years ago (a 29 gallon) I had set up with little to no experience.


I have been reading this forum a LOT (as well as several nano tank books) and decided on a tank. I am running an oceanic Biocube 14.


Accessories include:

Oceanic protein skimmer

Oceanic hydrometer (sp) it actually can be installed inside the full time.

50 watt heater (I am hoping it is enough)

Digital thermometer with probe

Oceanic nano powerhead


I mixed the seawater already ( I decided to use distilled water as the base) and let it run overnight. Yes I did a leak test before i started)

I am at 79.8 degrees

Specific Gravity 1.026 ( I am worried that is a little too high)

pH 8.2-8.3

no ammonia or nitrates (nothing in but seawater atm)

I will be picking up a calcium test kit while I'm out today.

I will post some pictures this afternoon.


Let me know what you all think with the parameters.

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Temp is slightly high. I usually shoot for about 78. No need to worry about calcium till you have anything in there that is gong to consume it. Let it cycle just like you do with fresh water. Give it time...

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the oceanic protein skimmer is such a pos, i'd suggest just getting a steviet media rack and a jbj nano glo light and doing chaeto/filter floss/chemipure/purigen in the 2nd chamber in the back :)


the specific gravity is perfect, mostly things need 1.024-1.027.


the heater should definitely be enough, in fact with the lighting in such a small tank you're much more likely to run into overheating problems rather than the opposite.


instead of the hydrometer i would reeeeally suggest getting a refractometer. it's worth it, in my experience hydrometer readings vary up to like +/- .005 b/w readings which can be fatal to coral if you decide to believe it on a bad day :P

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Thank you for the info. I had been debating that refugium/chaeto setup, and I think you all have convinced me. I better change it out soon before the thing is up and cycling. I did pick up some live sand and a few pieces of live rock. As suspected it looks like pea soup. I will still post the soupy pic :D

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Everything is looking good, I did a bit of aquascaping. The only thing I am concerned about is that I only picked up 10 lbs of live sand and 10 lbs of live rock (3.5 of tonga branch 6.5 of Fiji) I see most people on here doing 15-20lbs of LR in the biocube 14. Should I add more? I'll add a pic from my phone and see what you all think.


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do you have anything in the first chamber?


if not id pop out that false floor in chamber 1 and put the heater in there.


i have a bc14 and thats what i did.


looks a lot cleaner

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I have a protein skimmer in the first chamber. I am thinking of doing the basket in the 2nd chamber. I talked to a guy at my LFS about some chaeto. He said he could have me some this weekend. $6 a bunch. I think I will pick up some and set up the media basket. Heard people talk about doing purigen, chaeto and filter floss.


BTW hopefully I will do some better quality pics. Time to dig out my macro lens and Nikon. I have some good color on my live rock already.

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I went to a LFS that my brother suggested (he has a biocube 14 as well) and picked up some more live rock. They had Haitian live rock (never heard of people collecting in Haiti) and it was the MOST colorful live rock I've seen. :D I also picked up a handful of chaeto and moved stuff around. Up to 18 lbs of live rock in there and its looking good. When stuff settles down I will add some pictures. I am happy with the new LFS!

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Checked parameters today:

Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: almost gone

nitrate: High


I know that i should be upset that nitrate is high, but I am excited that my first 2 stages in the nitrogen cycle are almost done. It seems like I am cycling very fast.


Maybe in 2 weeks I will be ready to add some animals.

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It has been a couple weeks, I have had my diatom bloom (just like everyone else) I have had a couple feather dusters appear, at least 1 christmas tree worm (wow I am suprised how much life was on the LR) and I decided to pick up some clean up crew.

My CUC are as follows:

2 nassarius snails

4 ceirth snails

1 margerita snail

5 striped hermit crabs

1 emerald crab

1 small brittle star

Everything is doing well and I am enjoying everything.

Specs are all good, and even calcium is 425.

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Ok so my tank was doing great all year until June. I had quite a few different types of coral, inverts (like the name of the tank) but went on vacation. When I came back the person who was supposed to take care of the house and tank did neither and I came back to a house over 100 degrees and a tank at 128. Everything was fish soup. I was really discouraged and after reading some things about palytoxin I was afraid of my tank. So I went back to work, completed a thesis and now was the first time I had to work on it. I cleaned the tank out, bought some of Marco's dry rock to make a reefscape. The epoxy was drying so I took some pics.


http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn312/ventuse007/fish%20tank/15d9e4a94b238b69995c479277ae342d.jpgAngle shot to show the swim throughs. http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn312/ventuse007/fish%20tank/40116f3dbded0cf5c9f475d2e50f45fd.jpgAfter adding some live rock and live sand to colonize the tankhttp://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn312/ventuse007/fish%20tank/a17adb9836890c589e90b4d592da6f45.jpgI am going to take things slow, and have fun with it.





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The tank has actually been going over a week now, and strangely I am seeing coral growth. I think my live rock must have come from someone else's tank. I will try to get some quick pics out before I head out.

What looks like a mushroom coral:


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Just a quick question. I have 2 percula clownfish in this tank, you I be overstocking if I added 1 yasha goby?


Updated fts. C174D74D-BBD2-402D-8FC8-D8CD8A395F72-558


My ricordia. 062E0EE1-047E-4DF2-A10A-094D7D2C3235-558

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Adding the goby shouldn't as long as you keep up the water changes things should be fine

You should get a pistol too


Just don't boil your yasha;)

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A few updates:

Some pics of my percula clownfish just clowning around.


Did you say feeding time?


Getting frisky?


Fishy goes "Whaa????"


Any idea what these are?


Kind of a foggy view of my Zoa's.


My frogspawn.


I believe this is a gorgonian, it was a freebie from the LFS.




More acans.


Ricordia Florida


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