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Green Star Polyps not opening


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I bought my first 3 frags last Thursday, and the zoos and ricordea are doing fine. At first my green star polyps were doing great and opening beautifully: in fact, they were the first to open. Now they have stopped opening. The purple base is still dark purple, but they won't open. I did a 2.5 cup water change yesterday and no change. Any tips? I have a 5.5 ecopico tank. They have a lot of flow.

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MY GSP frags are my pickiest corals in both my tanks. The least little bit of disturbance and they close up and sometimes hide for hours (once for days after being moved around.)

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Be patient. They are pretty moody at times. Sometimes mine look great and sometimes not so great without changing much at all. +1 to leave them alone...

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