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Maxijet 600 fit Red Sea Max 130 stock holes?


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I was wondering if anyone has tried to change their stock power heads on the RSM?

I've read online about maxijets being used? I would like to add something that does not require any mods, just plug and play...has anyone tried this?

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I just replaced one of my RSM130 pumps with a Maxijet 1200. It goes in fine, with no mods. The original RSM pump nozzle can be pushed onto the MJ1200.


Great water flow. I'm hoping it's less cranky than the original. They tens to not start until I go in and push the impeller into place. The MJ1200 looks v well made, though -- hope it's better.


Don't know if there's place for 2 there -- worth trying. Let me know if you do.



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BTW, the MJ1200 was too powerful for my (softie) tank. I replaced it with the MJ900. Same size. Fits with no mods. Works great -- based on the last 5 days....



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