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some type of bottom dwelling fish


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First of all new to the forum have been reading topics on forum for a while now but this is my first post.

I caught this little guy when i was cast netting for finger mullet and i kept him to find out what he was cant really figure it out. It has fingers on its front fins it uses to almost walk on in the bottom of the tank and sort of like wings. I asked the LPS but he could not give me a name. Other question is if the fish is safe for my tank once i start putting coral into it or will it eat the coral or get to big for my 5 gallon pico.





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Yeah, I had a red and yellow scorpion and it looks and sounds very similar. Mine outgrew my 40br. I set up for it and had to give it away so a 5g is hardley enough to keep it in. If you do keep it try and feed it live shrimp till your able to feed it silversides.

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While i have no idea what type of fish this is, i have seen one before.


There was one at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago about a year ago, in the "no touch" tide pool. I was looking around at the 'nems and whatnot that they had in there and there were some empty barnacles on a rock and one that looked like it still had a barnacle in it... lo and behold, i kept looking at the "barnacle" and out it swam. It was one of these little guys that had curled himself up and nestled into the shell.


I am pretty sure it is some type of scorpion fish of some type, but the forum has already figured that much out.

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Does it have nasty sharp teeth? Maybe an Oyster toadFish. There's a lot of them aroun d me, and u can get big bucks per fish from most Japanese restaurants. Little suckers will easily rip a finger off when they get bigger.

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It looks more like a gurnard.


It is really hard to take pictures because its so small are most an inch right now but its fins look like the one on that wiki page. It also has spines on its gill plate. No teeth that I can see but it is just a baby. The wings on it are yellow on the out side.

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my guess is with a gurnard of some sort.

possibly Prionotus stephanophrys hard to tell from the pics.

It looks alot like that only problem is it says it lives in the pacific and I'm on the Atlantic in FL so I'm guessing its either a relative of it or it was brought here from California. Might have to get rid of it cause it gets big.

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Ya he's an awesome little guy but I need to get rid of him soon cause he gets way to big for my 6 gallon tank


I would love to take him off your hands. Looks like an awesome little fish.

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Keep in mind, he's gonna grow pretty fast, and as a bottom dwelling predator, he's gonna eat pretty much any shrimp, crab or fish that doesn't eat him first... They'll attack pretty hefty chunks of squid on 4/0 or 5/0 circle hooks that are nearly as big as their head!

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+1 to sea robin. they are really cool looking when they are young like that. Keep away from aggressive anemones though,....RIP buddy:




Horrible picture of him in my QT, but same fish. They go for small shrimp. Will grow to large, it will take a few months, won't eat coral.

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