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Pistol Shrimp


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This guy came with some LR that I purchased the other day. Not really sure what he is but I have heard him make the popping noise several times. Doesn't look like the Tiger Pistol.





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he won't be happy with that rock bottom. they like to burrow. not sure on what exact variety he is, but a cool HH.


I have a 29 Biocube that they are going into that I used a mixture of CaribSea reef sand and Fiji pink in. The tank they are currently in has the CaribSea Hawaiian Black Substrate and believe it or not the shrimp has burrows going all under the rocks...

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groovy, did you get the YWG after you found him or you already had the goby from the other tank?


He was purchased from a LFS a few days after I found him but it was not planned. I went there with a friend and they had just gotten some new fish in and I was having a hard time finding a small one locally so I snagged the YWG up. The YWG sits in the shrimps burrows but I have not seen them side by side or showing any interest in each other.

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Did it pair to the YWG? I'm curious because I think I got one of those as a hickhiker a while back. It is still really shy and barely comes out when I feed the tank.

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