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Coral Vue Hydros

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So here we go!


After quite some time researching I finally decided to take a step into the saltwater tank world, specifically, the nano reef!


My first purchase was a huge one...I'll admit, I was going to take it slower but this wasn't a deal I could pass up! I simply asked if anyone knew of a setup available at a decent price and without even bumping, Bam! Someone took the time to respond to my request and off their 27G sumped tank/stand to me. I looked around more then decided to pursue it. After a two hour drive, $280, and a long story short, I realized why I like this hobby so much--people are great! I made a great connection, maybe a mentor, and came back with a great looking tank and complete setup.


I am completely new to this, if you see me doing something wrong, I won't be offended if you say change this! Also, this tank was upgraded before I got it so if you see something that could be bettered please feel free to say change that! :)

I am currently running:

27g drilled Marineland tank

10g 5 chamber sump



1-Intake: Remora AquaC “Urchin” skimmer (18”) w/MaxiJet1200 ProPump (not active yet)

2-Refugium: Chaeto/6 white LED’s/small CUC (not active yet)

3-Media: Matrix Seachem spherical carbon, sponge, more? Will decide after cycle

4-Section for parameter probes (none yet)

5-Return: Maxi-Jet1800



AquaticLife T5 HO 420/460 18W AA (x2)

1 MH Light

2 blue LED Moonlights


Currently in tank :

14lbs LR (7 Fiji/7aquacultured)

20lbs LS (not in tank just yet as I need to get more LR)



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So yesterday I finished filling the tank with SW (a mixture of distilled due to lack of patience and RO/DI) and then purchased some LR...I think my rock was filled with lead due to the fact I'd hoped for a lot more with $125! Oh well! As stated above it's half Fiji and half Aquacultured. I couldn't pass up the pretty purple with the aquacultured! I'm not sure if I shall get more of it or just normal rock, opinions? Either way I will be adding another 10lbs or so before I add sand to finish up the biological filitration end of things.






I panicked today when I found a little worm guy thinking it might be the bad kind of bristle worm but was later informed that it was good...which was comforting considering I found about 20 more of him later!!



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So I finally figured out my lights and they are running as they should! Had a horrible time firguing out the coralife digital power center!!! As for what's new....Got my rock rearranged! Had some really akward rocks so I did my noobie best!


It seemed to take forever for the sand storm to settle. Thinking about adding a little more sand...not sure yet on this though as some of it could be pushed back I've just wanted to stay out of the tank for awhile.


In testing the tank it looks like my Ammonia dropped to zero but I cannot get any sort of reading on me Nitrates...I did not get a Nitrite test as I read that these are used only in the begining and wasn't planning on rushing the cycle anyways. Not sure if this was a great idea. The tank has started to get the brownish colored stuff (diatom algae I believe). As the tank is only 2 weeks old I'm not going to rush into thinking it's done but it does seem to be moving along. Live rock helped that out I assume.

Finally, some pictures!


Let me know your thoughts!


FTS 01/22/12







I plan on using a better quality camera (using an android now!) when I get things in there.

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