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Ballz' 2.5G Dwarf Puffer Tank


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After my recent puffer experience, I thought I'd never come back to puffers. Well, I'm back in business. This tank will have pretty slow progress, as my reef is my main priority. A more detailed and thorough post will come tomorrow. This is just a tease B)


Planted or not? All opinions welcome. CO2 is not available. Other options?

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The Marimo balls! Yeah that's why they're called. Could I get one?



What light fixture would you guys recommend?

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Something along these lines




FWIW only put 1 DP in there. They will fight to death if more then one is in a tank smaller than 10g


Java fern and crypts are good choices and stay low.


Cabomba and wisteria are good choices if you don't mind weekly trimming. (They are really tall but will fill the tank quickly, which DPs love


EDIT: Take a look at my DP tank in my sig. I miss them terribly. I may get some more eventually.

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Yes, only 1 DP. I've had them before, but had to move. :(


Thanks for the link! Do you have any recommendations for a fluorescent or PC fixture? I'm trying not to use LEDs on this one. I love the 6500K look CFs give off :wub:

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I'll have to thoroughly read the whole thing later on.


Would pool filter sand (rinsed and cycled) be suitable as a substrate?

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Filtration in a 2.5g is tricky. That filter should be able to handle it if you keep feedings light.


Everything looks good. Can't wait to see it all set up!

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Yes I'm excited as well. Glad to see another planted dood here. Come to think of it, I've browsed your thread multiple times!


Oh, how thick can the sand substrate be? 1" at max?

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Sand question still stand ^


Buuuut, I'm quite the DIY guy. Could I simply use a 13w 6500K CFL over the tank? I'll rig it so it looks pretty fresh B)

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