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Lawnmower blenny


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I added a wonderful lawnmower blenny last week. He appears to be doing great a week in. I am little disappointed that he spends all his time scraping the glass and clean rocks and has not even looked at the delicious patch of green hair algae in my tank..


Did I expect to much or is this normal?

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It took my starry blenny a little bit to get the taste for GHA but once he did, the GHA was completely gone in a week. Once he goes to work your algae will be gone before you know it.

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man I hope so, I keep mentally trying to direct him to the big patch of GHA.. I would think that would look mighty tasty to him but not so far.

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To give you an idea, these pictures were taken 17 days apart:






It took longer in the 20 when he didn't see GHA. Mine jumped through my cover about a month ago :( I will probably get another down the line.

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