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Need help finding thread on 24x24x12 build


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I'm trying to find a thread that I read a couple months ago on someone's tank that they built themselves. I believe tank was 24x24x12 shallow cube with 1/4" glass. Viewable from all four sides and I think it had center overflow. Tank sat between two chairs in a living room. Stand was about 6" wider than the tank on all sides and he put sand on top of the stand around the tank. Tank looked awesome and I can see the pictures in my mind, but I can't find the thread. I tried searching both NR and RC, but no luck.


Anyone remember this thread or claim ownership that can post a link? I am planning a new tank of the same dimensions and need inspiration.




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Ron, I have been planning on possibly building something just like this. You can find the tank on youtube by searching "a shallow 25g cube" or something along those lines. The link to the forum post is in the youtube description. Let me know how it goes!

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I couldn't find it on You-tube, but I did find the thread I was looking for. It is on RC, not NR. If anyone is interested, google "30 gallon nano build" and you will find a RC thread titled "30 gallon nano build...from scratch!". It is a very nice set-up.

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