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Can a new fish be "pestered to death" in 18 hours?


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I introduced a dwarf Coral Beauty into the Solana 34 yesterday. He can from a large group tank in a realiable aquarium shop. As expected, he was immediately set upon my the tank's resident "butthead" - the Royal Gramma who harassed the new fish endlessly. I couldn't net either one to isolate in a feeder chamber.


This morning the Beauty is dying - raggedy fins; unable to control swim bladder. The water parms check out alright and the other fish and inverts doing fine. Am I harboring a murderer? :o :o

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IME Coral beauties are the worst to keep - everyone i have had up until this guy has been prone to death in a very short time frame...


right now im trying to get the big hermit i have out, he nipped the coral beauty and just last night feasted on my clownfishes fin.. so any little bit can affect them pretty hard

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