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Mangrove Filtration


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Hello Everyone,


After being a regular visitor to this site for a year and a half now I have decided to take the plunge and post my first topic! Ok, here goes...


I am a proud owner of the TMC microhabitat 15 and in terms of filtration I am running the stock skimmer, filter floss, purigen, chemi pure elite and have 2kgs of live rock along with regular water changes. After reading the pico tanks that won the tank of the month there seems to be a common trend of using mangroves for added filtration.


My questions are has anybody had any good/bad experiences with mangroves in small tanks? The people I have spoken to locally claim they are useless however I find it hard to believe that people like el fab or andrewkw would use them if they were...


I am worried that the roots may cause damage to the tank and that the skimmer would deem them surplus to requirements.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post, any advice would be much appreciated.



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If you are running a skimmer and doing proper water changes, you should have the filtration under control just fine(barring anything crazy/overstocking etc) as for the mangroves, just as any plant they do take up nitratrates and phosphates from the water as food but how much depends on the size of the plant. Also from what i have read/talked to they seem more as a decorative thing if you already have the artificial filtration. Now if you were running a filterless setup then by all means i think the more things you could get to eat up nutrients the better.


edit: as for the damage, a good friend of mine has a lagoon with several "big" groves(30in or so out of the water) they have a pretty good root system but they havent caused any damage that i am aware of. I would just keep an eye on them for trimming needs in case they get close to intakes or pumps. But he has zoas growing right over his' roots.

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far too slow growing to help but they do bind some waste. just not enough you can measure it with the rate of input/tank bioload that we run in these small tanks. a good way to know how much actual waste is being bound is how much new biomass on the plant do you see each week...with a mangrove, not much. Now with macro algae like caulerpa or chaetomorpha we're talking some new shoots which is why they -might- help in a refugium but even still the refugium needs to be pretty good size with strong growth to help out any.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you for the replies they are much appreciated!


I may add one just for aesthetics to give the tank that extra dimension but I will not make it a priority.


Thanks again!


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