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Hey everyone,


I got this coral from the Mystic Reef in SoCal on a black ORA plug right after it came in with his ORA shipment about a year ago. When I got it, it was one long piece about two inches long with a few branches starting at the base. I lost most of it during the move to RTN and had to frag it. This tiny frag has encrusted the whole plug in the last month but I still don't know what it is! Help?



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Nice specimen!


Thanks! If Lantana Montipora is what it is, then this should ben an interesting coral and shape to have up there with my staghorn corals. This would explain why the other side of the plug has a lumpy sheet of growth going off the side. I wasn't sure what shape this would take once it got going.


Mine was listed as purple plasma. But it's like a morph because it has a orange hue to it


Just looked at some purple plasma pictures. Mine doesn't really match what I found. It has blue polyps all over it and fits the Lantana Montipora description better. This will be a lot easier when it is bigger.

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