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Most corals are photosynthetic, so proper lighting will give them most of what they need, i personally use T-5HO lights, but it depends what you keep.


softies and mushrooms----less light Power compact or NO fluorescent

Large polyp stony corals---More light Power compact if tank is shallow, or T-5HO

SPS and clams-----------T-5HO with individual reflectors, Metal halide, or LED lighting


remember to do as much research on the corals you plan to keep as possible and where in the ocean they come from Corals by Julian sprung is a great reference guide, i use it myself.


also partial water changes will give them the other things they need, like calcium and magnesium, it will also keep your tanks water chemistry at the appropriate levels.


btw +1 to fish poop, but thats mostly anemones that host clownfish :P


good luck!

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Thanks for the awesome answers!


You can feed them other food to encourage growth. But yah light is there favorite food!!;) lol
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