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im going to start the thread for my fluval edge.


bought it already setup and cycled. with live rock and a small red mantis shrimp :scarry:

got it as an anniversary present.


when we drained it i had the guy take the rock out and put the rock thats the mantis's home in another bucket so he didnt get into any other rock.


i got everything home, cleaned it up the best i could with the sand still in there(wet) and made up 5g of fresh saltwater(1.025)


added it to the tank and put in the heater(100w titanium with external controller) will be switching out if the temps get crazy, right now its staying at 79.

only thing that bugs me is its a silver heater and the tank is black....its really obvious...lol


i may try to hide it behind my rockwork once i get the rest of my rock(friend is trading me rock for the shrimp and rock)


will have barnacles for the blenny to play in


the tank currently doesnt have any bulbs(they were nasty and corroded so i threw them away.

*will be getting more*


this tank with have no corals in it other than the single pink majano thats in there(its pretty)

i did also see a few aiptasia*i will be using pickling lime soon*


i plan on a macro tank, the tank gets some good ambient sun light(well not right now, its snowing like crazy here) ugh!! :angry:


thanks to another reefer for the inspiration i will be removing my ac20. and just running a powerhead or 2 and 2 g weekly water changes...will help with salt spray.


the macros should help with nutrient export and with only one fish i should be ok.



i am also going to just run the stock bulbs and add one of these for moonlights and to add some blue.




*************stocklist will be as follows********



tailspot blenny(SO CUTE!!!!)



astrea snail

big cerith

dwarf ceriths(5)

zig zag perriwinkle snails(5)




red titan

green stuff from john(reefcleaners) no idea what it is

flame algae

grape caluerpa

and any other macro i can get my hands on except blue ochtodes, dont want that again...lol!!




i have a few things i need some input on.



would the stock halogen bulbs be best or the leds? for macros?


the mr11 bulbs dont have a splash shield, would it be ok to silicone a piece of glass or acrylic over the bulbs to keep salt off of them? heat issues?


also with that true lumen light, can i use any 12v adapter? i dont want to spend $16 on the adapter for a $9 light. lol!!


any ideas for more inverts/crawlies? dont want any more fish, just one.


any other ideas to help with my build?


thanks and pics tomorrow!!

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lights are all off right now.

pics tomorrow i promise i need to get the filter off and put the powerhead in there....and clean the glass...lol

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PICS! :)


I really love those little Tailspot Blennys....

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Will get pics tomorrow. Been running around all day today.


The tank has nothing in it but the equipment and rocks and snails.


I'm letting it sit for a few weeks to cycle/spike if its going to.


Will be getting the blenny later on.

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I know I promised pics but been having issues with the lighting...


I'm not pleased with the mr16 leds. Also the tank is pretty bland right now.


I don't have anything in there but some macro algaes and a few snails.


I was gonna get a jawfish for the tank but no lfs can get them till spring and I'm impatient and can't wait that long with an empty tank...lol


So I'm going to pick up a purple firefish and a cool invert(halloween hermit crab or strawberry crab) or both :)


Goinng to also pick up some barnacles for the tailspot and firefish to play in....mainly putting the tailspot in my cube to help with the hair algae.


I'm picking up the tailspot blenny for my cube.


I also added the ac20 filter back on to help with polishing the water. I will be running poly filter in there to remove bad stuff.

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