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List of Reefing Acronyms and their Meanings

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I've seen a lot of people constantly asking (referring to an acronym) "What does this mean?" "What does that mean?" I'm going to list all the reefing acronyms I can think of off the top of my head. Feel free to PM me with another acronym I have missed.




AIO - All In One

ATO - Auto Top-off

BB - Bare Bottom (referring to tank substrate)

BTA - Bubble Tipped Anemone

CUC - Clean Up Crew

DSB - Deep Sand Bed

DOA - Dead On Arrival

FES - Full Equipment Shot.

FO - Fish Only

FOWLR - Fish Only With Live Rock

FTS - Full Tank Shot

FW - Freshwater

GHA - Green Hair Algae

GBTA - Green Bubble Tipped Anemone

HH - Hitchhiker

HOB - Hang On Back (filter, refugium, return, overflow)

LED - Light Emitting Diode

LFS - Local Fish Store

LR - Live Rock

LS - Live Sand

MH - Metal Halide

QT - Quarantine

RBTA - Red Bubble Tipped Anemone

RR - Reef Ready

SG - Specific Gravity

SW - Saltwater

TDS - Total Dissolved Solids

WC - Water Change

WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get


Off Topic Acronyms (for general browsing):

DIAF - Die in a Fire

DIY - Do It Yourself

GTFO - Get the #### Out

IB4TL - In Before Thread Lock

IDGAF - I don't give a ####

IMHO - In My Humble Opinion

IMO - In My Opinion

TL;DR - Too Long, Didn't read

QFT - Quit ####in' Talking

QFT - Quoted for Truth




Chime in if this has helped you, or you would like revisions to be made. Thanks!

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Well then.


just do what everyone else does when they make an ass of themselves.. 'mods please delete this thread' lol

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IBTL - in before the lock. :happy:

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I always thought IMHO meant In My Honest Opinion... hmm.

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That's understood little boy.

little boy....how old are you?

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