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So my fluval came with different lights I think is a new version of this tank I also brough 3 blue strips and a Coralife 05509 Mini Compact Fluorescent do guys think I will be good with that?



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i've had a salty reef fluval edge for about 2 years and change now. I didn't have the new lights but i can honestly say after wasting tons of $$ in microtransactions working out ways to light the tank that its just better to either make your own custom led fixture or go with the par bulbs. Save yourself the $$ and the grief in the long run. If you aren't ambitious when it comes to corals you should be able to get by with what you did, but experience has shown me that you START thinking you dont need any of the high light requiring coral but in the end.............personally i had to have the sps lol . Just get a good fixture, or a par bulb or two you wont regret it.

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