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BTA in Biocube 14


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I was always under the impression that any BTA was not suitable for a biocube 14.


But it seems like a million people have them in there cubes. I was just curious to know the opinions of fellow experienced reefers.


I got LEDs and my gf killed lots of my coral so I wanted something kinda bigger and nice, anyway let me know if I was right in thinking that a nem was too big for this tank.




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As long as your tank is prepared, it's fine.



Sufficient lighting, water quality, covered powerheads since nems have a tendency to walk whenever and wherever they want and be prepared to move corals if they're getting stung.

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Oh and keeping them away from heaters. If they plant themselves on a heater, the heating element may/probably will heat up too fast and send the nem into shock. I had this happen once and it was not a pretty site - Basically melted the nem away.


All of these things are much harder to do in a small tank which is why it's not recommended. That said, it can be done with caution and if you're prepared. :)

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In a biocube 14? Really?? Thats crazy!!



I know there is a thread somewhere here that talks about the care of BTA, can anyone give me the link.

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Be ready to move if they propagate off or start multiplying. IF your running leds hopefully they set up shop in the brightest area or where they are the most happy. Try to keep BTA away from overhangs that are just underneath powerheads. I have seen some people use gutter guard to sheer off their impelers and foam, but I would never go that far. Small shrimp cut up or krill make suitable food. Good luck acclimate slowly and turn off the powerhead a little while to let it get a decent foothold.

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Ok, I had no idea that they were so expensive. I like them a lot tho.


I've been researching them a lot, and in a BC14, do you think a nem or a clam would be easier? I would assume the nem. But I have never had experience with either.



Ive researched clams a lot too I am torn.

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I have a rbta that was about 4 inches fully open when I got it now it is about 7 and it has only been 2 months. I don't know how much room you have in your aquarium if you get one that decides to nearly double in 2 months.

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i have had a clam in my bc14 for about 6 months with no problems. I change about 1 1/2 gallins of water a week and have lights on 10 hours a day and he's..well, happy as a clam :)

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Well if you ask me.. I say doable.. but then again I have 3 maxi mini nems, an RBTA, and 2 rock flower nems in my BC14. My experience is, the RBTA will sting the crapola out of the rock flower nems, but it takes a long time for it to do any damage and the rock flowers are pretty resilient.. I have not seen what happens if it were to come into contact with the maxi minis, but the maxis are so sticky I assume they would win.. Again I don't think much damage can be done to either nem since you can cut both species completely in half to propagate. The RBTA tends not to wander except when it splits, which is right about the time I look at the tank and think, man, you've gotten big. Then I gotta take action.. I can usually sell the clone for about half of what the LFS would charge. The maxi minis NEVER move.. even if I piss them off to the point where they are well.. severely pissed off. I tried to sell one and picked up the whole rock and was unsuccessful at peeling it off. So not really sure how else you could piss it off even more.


I run a 70w 20k ushio bulb in a sunpod fixture.

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