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Help with dosing


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Hey all,


I have a 24g tank where I do 20% water changes weekly. I have SPS, LPS, softies, etc and 2 clowns, a YWG and shrimps with the usual CUC.


I have been testing alk and calcium regularly and dosing 2 part ESV. I started testing mag today and found it to be 800ppm. Alk is 9.0 and calcium is 520.


I dosed 10ml of Magnesium (26ppm per 1ml). I then dose 5mls of each of 2 part ESV B-Ionic.


My questions:


1. How long do I have to wait between dosing each of the 3 supplements?


2. How SLOWLY do I have to dose each part? Can I just inject it all in 1 quick shot into my MP 10 or do I have to do it slowly drop by drop?


3. Do I have to dose the second part since my calcium is already so high? Can I just dose part 1 without the 2nd?


Thank you all for your help.

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if you just started testing for these i would honestly hold off - if everything in your tank is happy and healthy you could be introducing a problem that you were unaware of.


Keep track of the reedings over a month/month and a half - if it is stable like it has been - keep rolling with it .. there is no need to dose if you have no idea what your tanks normal is

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Thanks for the quick reply.


But even if my tank normals are 800 for Magnesium and 7.5 for alk, arent those too low? Shouldnt I supplement to get them up?

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