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Random Flow in a 20 cube


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I am about to set up a new tank 18x18x14 19.6 gallon, and its going to be a very long process, likely a year in the setup equipment wise. I don't have mad $ but want to really spend on lighting, "DIY led" and flow.


So I have been researching the mp10 heavily and am leaning that route, but wanted to build a total wall overflow along the back I am guessing I may have to redo that idea.


My other idea was the tunze nano, but that was shot down when it wasn't controllable. Aren't there any very viable wave/reef crest type options for the standard nano? I have seen the tunze nano wave box and am not overly impressed for the price. Maybe I am overlooking something?


I prefer to have nearly all the equipment hidden and be nearly silent. Thanks in advance.



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Bump on my own thread lol. Is there not a powerhead outside of the mp10 that seem to have random flow. I don't see the point of having to get a controller with the Mp10 and would like a controller like the apex with an in tank tunze type powerhead. Guess I will be going the mp10 route.

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i would say MP10. i am building a 18" cube and have a MP10 that will go in it. you can find good deals for slightly used ones on the forums

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