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Seachem Laboratories Matrix?


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I use it in my 75G freshwater planted fancy goldfish tank. Goldfish = nitrate factory and based on my experience it works holding my nitrate 20-40pmm with 2-3 months no water change.


I wonder if it will work like rock (live and dry) in reef tank. Is live rock from ocean (or established dry rock) can be substituted with artificial rock (ceramic, lava rock, or porous materials)? Provided artificial rock placed in-tank or sump just like live/dry rock to be "maintained" by CUC?


Personally, I prefer to have corals glued with minimal material to maximize coral placements and maximize water displacement. The artificial rock can be designed as "bonsai" or up-side-down or island type aquascapes. Same goes with artificial coarse sand/rubbles.


Any thoughts or opinions?

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