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NanoCube Hood Disconnects Under Own Weight


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Twice now, my 28g JBJ Nano Cube's Hood has popped it's hinges under it's own weight and fallen to the floor. :angry: If I slowly lift it, under control, to full-open, it stays put. I only see the issue if I open it 90% and then let it fall open.


To mitigate this problem, I plan to re-position my tank closer to the wall such that the full weight of the hood is never 100% on the hinges. In other words, such that the hood opens against the wall.


Any others notice this design issue? Anyone have feedback on my solution or a better idea?



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I've discovered I can not move tank close enough to wall due to floor vent. Maybe I'll just take care when opening from now on. Still, this makes me nervous.

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