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Cultivated Reef

need some housekeeping


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What invert is good to get rid of hair algae? I have a 20 gallon long and am noticing a lot of hair algae. Im looking for a cleaner crew to munch on itk. Any suggestions?

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Nothing works on hair algae as fast as a sea hare but you'll have to find someone to give it to once it has cleaned it all up so it doesn't starve.

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might try and figure out where the GHA is coming from. have you checked your TDS of your ro/di water?


this is a better idea imo.


I found crabs eventually went for my acans, so i have no crabs. A large turbo snail seemed to munch alot of it down, and raising my mg to 1500 with kents tech m worked. But its it seems all new tanks get the GHA break out, it will pass eventually.

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