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HELP--what's wrong with my coral?


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Hey all,


My tank is approximately 6 months old and doing well. 24g AIO. I do weekly 20% water changes. I have lps, sps, softies, etc and all are thriving. I dose 2 part daily. I did a water change on Saturday. This particular coral closed up and has not reopened. This has never happened. He normally opens fully daily and closes with lights out.


Params: ph 8.0, temp 80, alk 8.3, calc 460, nitrate 0. SG 1.024.


All the other corals are still open and doing great.


Any thoughts are appreciated.


Thanks in advance.



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Hollaaa. Leathers are known for closing up for a few days and getting rid of a layer of "skin". Should be all good bro.

Rats B)


Yes leathers "shed." It's a normal process and has been documented.

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Nice green sinularia. Should look nicer than ever when it opens back up. Sometimes it takes a week, other times it's a matter of a few days.

+1 LMAO tort

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