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NHFragSwap January Swap Meeting

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Okay the Meeting will be at Aquatic Creations in Amherst, NH. We will start at 2pm and are usually around for about 2hours.




January 22nd




100B Route 101A

Amherst, NH





I have a bunch of frags available for trade/sale and will be bringing a couple boxes of the NHFS business cards so everyone can grab some to have on hand.




Here is what I have for frags


12) Radio active green dragon eye zoa

4) Teal Palys

3) branching photosynthetic gorgonian

4) pink birds nest

12) ora green birdsnest

3) blue tip stag acro

4) orange monti digi

3) orange monti cap

4) purple rim monti cap

3) chilli monti cap

5) green monti cap

4) Montipora spongeodes

3) blue/green chalice

5( Rainbow Montipora

3) Jason Fox Montipora Setosa (tiny frags) ($10ea (can't do deals on this .. it grows to slow )

1) Neon Green and Yellow Riccordia ($10)

2) Watermelon Zoa


I usually give an even better deal for the frag swaps. instead of 10ea I will go $8ea and $5ea for supporting members.


I will try to get a video up soon on my frag thread so everyone can see what I have. if you want something let me know so i can bring it for you

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updated my frag list.



I'd be interested in trading straight up for any zoa i dont currently have

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