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Aqueon 15g tower nano question


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Hey everyone, VERY new here, and already need to bother you all.

I am going to be setting up my first nano tank in the next few weeks, just waiting for the free time. I am thinking about corals and a pair of platinum or picasso clowns. I am looking at a few power heads but can't really find a decent one that runs less than 800 gph. so here is my question, do you all think that's too much? I was thinking about aiming it towards the backish lower corner (not to far down, don't want a sand storm). Any input would be great help.


Also on lighting i am adding LED strips to the hood in 12K White/445nm Blue and 19 Watt 8000K White, too much?? also thinking about making my own moonlight to point into the side of the tank and set them up on separate timer to come on 1 hour before tank lights come on and turn off 1 hour after tank lights turn off.

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This sounds like it could be a cool tank, and you're off to a good start. As far as your powerheads are concerned, I don't think 800gph is too much but I always err on the side of more flow. The smaller koralias will probably be best here though. I would do two of those tiny ones over one larger one. The issue will be that your tank is tall. Maybe try putting a powerhead near the bottom facing up and one near the top facing straight or slightly downwards. You will kind of have to experiment to see what works because this is an unusual tank size.


Your lighting sounds good to me, but I feel like the moonlights are all personal preference.


Good luck and post pictures!

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