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peppermint are generally fish safe - unless the fish is small and dying


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Have a 2g reef tank fluval edge for about 2 months everything is going great. Over the Christmas had an impulse buy of a yellow clown goby and a peppermint shrimp. First mistake was not checking whether the fish eats at LFS due to boxing day, every was 1/2 price and people were frantic. Perhaps my 2nd mistake: 2g tank cannot hold ANY fish - even one smallest fish possible on the market. Needless to say he did not eat, and got ich (3rd mistake - bad LFS perhaps), and started flap its gills fast, belly up and float/drift around after 2 weeks. Used kordon ich attach basically useless.


Then I saw the peppermint shrimp starting to have stalking behavior and dried to catch the fish twice but the fish got away. Naturally I want my fish to die peacefully and then take him out of the tank immediately (to avoid ammonia). So I fully (or I should say over) fed the shrimp until he could not eat anymore.


He was docile for a little but within an hour I saw the fish struggled and he actually caught the fish and (I hypothesize) was about to eat him. So I stopped it and took the fish out from slow painful death. I guess I can let nature take its course but I don't have the heart to see him eaten alive.


So far my the peppermint have not touched my reef or snail though ~ Cause they are healthy I guess. It does clean up any left over food .. but more it steals food from coral and fish as well. Even eat the algae tablet for the snails. Nowadays when he sees the turkey baster he climbs on it and poke its tentacles into the baster. If I put my hand he climbs on it too. Eats anything that is remotely food (related). It is very alive in a 2g tank that's for sure easy to maintain. Usually turkey baster feed him every other day he eats pods otherwise. He is the sole producer of bioload, which produces a little bit of nitrate to sustain (soft) coral, and some algae for the snail.

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