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Is this Dinoflagellates?


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not sure, but you should prolly blow that junk off...how fast does it come back?


Doesn't really blow off easily. There are lots of little air bubbles as well.

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Air bubbles, sounds like cyano. I went through a cyano problem, and noticed small air bubbles on my rock where the cyano grew. I think its the nitrogen it gives off, or something like that.

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Here's another pic. I am referring to the white fuzzy stuff. When I searched for white hair algae, a lot of things pointed to Dinoflagellates.


It was all over my glass but it was scraped off. The GSP is underneath and barely opening up. There was some black cyano on that rock previously. But this is starting to appear every where.

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I just found this. These two rocks already had Blue Green Cyano on them, so perhaps I traded one Cyano for another.




These species of cyano often appear as a light slimy yet hairy/fuzzy nastiness that loosely attaches to your rock work. Air bubbles are usually trapped while eascaping the "algae", just like in the picture to the left. Calothrix is a type of blue green algae that looks very similar to Dinos. We have them next to each other in the guide to help you distinguish the difference between the two.


Manual Removal - Remove the rock and scrub, and then fine tune with a toothbrush. Let the cleaners get the rest. It helps to use a net to collect the debris that will occur as a result of the toothbrushing.


Clean Up Crew - Chitons, Nerites and we are looking into others.


Starving it out - Use a phosban reactor or a macro like chaeto to take down phosphate. If you have a nitrate problem too, you can add more live rock or rubble to the tank, do some more wcs, add macro, add dsb, etc...




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