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Tiny Starfish?


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Hi all I'm not including a picture because these critters are between an eighth and three sixteenth of an inch so they won't show up in picture but here's a description: the body is white and a little smaller than a pin head, they have between five to seven uneven length transparent legs. I'm spotting them flat up against the glass. They kind of look like tiny brittle stars. It they are mostly transparent. Thouhts anyone?

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I have these too, either that or Staurocladia, I can't tell which. Though Cladonema looks more like it. Will anything eat them? I have a lot of them now.

They're harmless and will go away on their own soon

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I have these but very rarely see them , i think they are harmless. I got lucky and saw one with three leggs makin his way acraoss my gsp one day.

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That's it. Mine are still too small to photograph but they are either those guys or something very similar. Thanks for the info

The younger ones tend to have shorter "arms", so you just may have more of those atm

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I have them too, I think they are quite common -all my lfs stores have them in their tanks. I heard they can eat coraline, so I yank them when I can easily.

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