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10G reef tank light?


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How do you guys think these would work, the 20" model.. They come with moon lights on thier own cord.




Just looking to grow some easy softies and a few fish.. (mushrooms, toadstool, zoa)


Anyone use them before?


Any other options for $100 or under?




Check out aquatraders.com they have several t5 fixtures under $100. and t5>PC

I have 2 of those 65w single bulb fixtures. the bulbs they come with are a joke. with a good bulb, they are ok, but expect to tack on an extra $35 to your price. Just save yourself the hassle and go with the t5 or LED. It is just as cheap

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much better! but i do recommend getting the 24" fixture, even tho it will overhang a bit. you will have much better bulb choices that way. either choice is better than PC


Good point. How would I mount it to my 10 gallon tank??? Any ideas? THANKS

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I hang Mine personally, but i have just set it on top of the tank as well. only downside there, is that salt creep is more severe if you have alotta surface agitation

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