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So I had some time on my hand, so I decided to build a Mame out of pvc. Turned out pretty well. A little bit crooked but the pvc cement set really fast. Lol


So just wondering, is pvc primer and pvc cement fine for aquariums, given that enough time has been allowed to set?


Pictures will be up eventually

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Got some extra fittings! So I get the return built! Since I am using a Maxijet, I will use the venturi adaptor to attach to the overflow instead of it attached to the return like the original Mame.


Maybe the next run of building will use all cpvc instead pvc and cpvc as the return. The pvc is kind of bulky.

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Totally wasn't thinking when I was making this. Turns out the whole thing is as tall as my tank.. So I think I will run to lowes tomorrow and grab new fittings. Maybe make a new one where the output is shorter, or cut down the output and glue on a new fitting. Also going to get black spray paint to paint the whole thing.

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Made a new one, instead of having an elbow and length of pvc that goes into an adaptor, just stuck an elbow with fpt threads and threaded the barbed end in. Cut off a good 2 inches to the height.


Sorry I haven't put pictures up. For some reason my laptop doesn't recognize sd cards, cameras, phones when plugged in. The joys of Linux. Around March I'm scrapping this and getting a Macbook Pro or Air.

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It is an Japanese glass overflow. It works by using the venturi of the return to suck out air in the overflow to create a siphon for water. Thus, making it able to restart itself after a power outage


Finally got pictures to upload and here they are!


Here is my first attempt. It works, but it was too tall, and resulted in the output touching the bottom of the fuge. Only 9 inches tall from where it sits on the rim to the bottom of the barbed end.






Here is the newly designed one! basically the same but I made the length of PVC half and inch shorter.

Also used a slip/slip/threaded tee so I can use a threaded elbow to screw the barb in. About 6 inches tall from where it sits on the rim. 3 inches doesn't sound a lot, but you are dealing with a 5 gallon tank.








I also made a stand for the tank to raise it up a good 5 inches, which gives me more space to use on my table. As you can see, there is a 1/4 bard (slighty too big, but it works) that will attach to the venturi of the maxijett pump.


It works great, I've tested it a few times, and has no problem restarting itself


Forgot to add! Since the overflow part began with the slip end, all I did was add a coupler to raise the water level to where I want it and used zipties to make the guard.

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Its fairly simple. Works just like your normal hob overflow, but using a venturi of the return pump to suck out air rather than an aqualifter. I can try to get a video when I get water in it.


On to the questions! So I used 3/4" pvc to build the thing and using a maxijet 900 as the return, rated 230gph. Not quite sure if that is too much for the overflow to handle. I'm seeing some rate theirs at 250gph. So its pretty close.


Would anyone know what the flow rate through 3/4" would be?

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It looks like a work of art but hook it up and lets see how it works... :)


Lol thanks, I plan on doing that today. I am going to try making one out of clear acrylic sometime down the road, either using flat pieces or try my hand at bending tubing. Lol

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