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Question about my CUC


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So i received my CUC last Friday from Reefcleaners.org. It was awesome, John hooks it up!!


My question is this. I did not really experience a cycle, used about 5 lbs of live cured rock along with about 20 lbs of dry rock also from Reefcleaners.org and 20lbs of Arag-Alive Fiji Pink sand, this is in a 20 long tank. I tested my levels for about 2 and a half weeks and everything was all zeros. I added the CUC last Friday and everything is going well. My question is I don't have any diatoms on the sand or rocks and nothing visible on the glass either. Will the CUC be able to sustain itself?


Plan on adding my first fish and frag this upcoming weekend.


Thanks for your responses!

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If there is essentially NO algae, anywhere, then yes they will starve. I'd supplement algae wafers until the tank stabilizes and algae starts to grow.


Until then, I'd feed the tank.

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