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wtf is this


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This came with my new live rock (see picture). not sure what the heck it is and it is going down hill since I dug it out of the sand for the picture.



Anyway it looked like a parasite to me but need to ask before I snap it off and toss it to its doom<


Friend or foe?? - sure i'm a noob


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+3 I have a lot of those, with white tips. Harmless. Keep an eye on it and let us know if it opens up. Another way to check would be to shine light into it's "mouth" or to gently prod. If it snaps shut quickly, yup bi-valve for sure.

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they can move around if need be.. like most bivalves. but mos times they are attached to rocks.


I found 2 fuzzy little things like this, but all white with no redish tint. But they are on the stony stalk of my frogspawn.


My froggy has been acting fine so I wasn't worried to much.

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