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Is This A Good Deal? 28G Nano


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I've been looking around the message board, seeing everyone's different brands and such.

I've researched, and also looked around locally.


Looking for something in the 24-29G range, and came across a 28G JBJ Nano with Intermediate LED lighting.

Stand included, Free shipping, and tax free online for $449.00


Seems like a pretty good deal, right?


I know that I could piece something together from a $1/G sale at Petco or somewhere, but I kind or want the all-in-one aspect. The Intermediate LEDs should be enough for the lower end corals I want to do, softies and some slightly more difficult ones, and a few fish.


I really like the Nuvos, but they're much more expensive...

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Yeah, locally the same setup is like $200 more at LFS.

They said they'd be able to get it close if I bought from them, but then you have to pay tax and stuff


One other thing, I'm not sure if anyone knows, does the JBJ come with all the filter stuff ready to go?

Or do you have to buy the inserts like carbon, etc on your own?


The site I'm looking at doesn't really say anything about that.

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I like the idea of a 34g, but if you piece that Solano together with the AI light you're around $825.


Is the Solano as a tank comparable to the JBJ, better?

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Mind the description. That is an intermediate LED that won't support corals. Only the 89w advanced will support corals.


Really? I don't know a ton about lighting, but it says this:


High-intensity LEDs support low-medium light aquarium corals


LED Illumination

High intensity LED lighting offers the ability to dramatically increase PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) which designates the spectral range from 400-700 nanometers for the growth of photosynthetic organisms while lowering energy input.


If you go by that, couldn't you do leathers/mushrooms/frogspawn, etc?

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Bump just to check the idea that the 27W Intermediate LEDs will or won't work for most lower-light corals.


Everything says they should be find for Softies and some other higher level things, but that last post has be concerned now.

I'm not looking to do Clams and such

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Not really I would not spend 449 for it.


If you were going to spend $600 or so and under on a nano, what would you get?

Seems like in that range the JBJs are the best bet. But I don't know a lot about tank brands.


449 was just much cheaper then ive seen them locally in stores

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you can get the 28g nano with the cf option and free stand for $299 online on dr foster and smith and that will definitely do the soft corals. but before buying checkout the replacement price of the bulbs. not sure what they cost. but also consider if you go led you wont have to replace bulbs so you'll save $ in the long run going leds.

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See I was under the assumption that the LED was better than the Compact Flourescent bulbs.

As far as what you could with coral


for me lighting is almost everything in this hobby. spectrum imho is so important to the look of the aquarium. i personally don't like any of the nano's, cubes, AIO's, lighting as far as colors. they are too white/yellow and don't let the coral colors pop. if you want really nice colors you'll either have to go diy or some other type of light. personally i'd buy a local tank of choice and get this light in the ocean blue 15K spectrum http://www.kessil.com/products/a150_led_aquarium_light.php. they run about $260 and the optional goose arm takes it to $300. you'll never change bulbs so there's savings there too. iv'e seen this bulb in operation at a lfs and my jaws dropped of the colors of all the corals were displaying and the MH looking shimmering. i'm considering buying either a used nano, ditching the top and using this light.

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If you want LEDs get the pro. LEDs are the cream of the crop now. But I would buy the 28 pc sell the hood and get a ai sol. Much happier. And yu would be in the same price range with nice lighting because that's the most important thing

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