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when they say live rock they really mean it!


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We are very newbies with a 12 g nano. We purchased our first coral yesterday (cabbage leather, green striped shroom, blue shroom, candy cane and pulsating xenia). The cabbage and candy canes are very happy campers, shrooms a little slower but looking better. Xenia didn't travel too well-I think it is a goner. I knew it was a risk, but we really want something with some movement. Since introducing the new live rock with the corals attached we are discovering all kinds of hitchhikers. I swear we see something new every couple of hours. We have feather duster, what we think are yellow jackets and other button polyps. We just discovered 2 tiny blue starfish. They are fast boogers. Do you have any suggestions for fairly easy keepers with movement? We also have a pj cardinal, azure damsel and canary wrasse.


The forums have already helped us with rusty sand and micro-bubbles.

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How about a euphyllia species - like frogspawn, hammer, or torch corals? Anthelia and xenia are pretty invasive, but should add plenty of movement.

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Welcome to the hobby and NR. I always enjoyed getting a hitchhiker when it was good looking or helpful. Kind of like a bonus piece. I have had problems in past with unwanted and problematic hitchhikers.


You may find that three fish is alot of bio load in a 12g. It will definitely make it more difficult to maintain a clean tank with healthy fish and corals.


So far your coral choices are good and they are the more tolerant, forgiving types. I think I would wait alittle while and see how the tank stablizes with the current additions before adding anything more.


Good luck and happy reefing.


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