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Best Magnet Cleaner for 28 G. jBJ Nano?


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What is the best magnet cleaner for the 28 G. JBJ Nano?


Also, how close can you get to the sand without scratching aquarium?


How do you clean the tank on the edge of the sand?



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I'm completely sold on the TLF nano mags. They clean just as well as the larger ones and cost about $10. I would take the time to use a toothbrush for cleaning the sand/glass point.

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+1. The Two Little Fishes is an excellent cleaner, fairly cheap and can go around bended corners too. I'd say the max glass thickness effectiveness is 3/8".

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+1 to the nano mag, I have used them for about 2 years now .



Also the nimble nano is a great option, I use this for the normal glass cleaning and the nano mag for the tight spots between rox and glass

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