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11g rimless shoebox...... Green Leaf 36X9X9

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This whole bottle idea is going to become a trend watch ;)

yeah...... not really.

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I love this tank! I think that if I were to change my tank some day I would want to try one with these dimensions. The size and shape of the tank almost forces you to DIY your own LED's as there aren't many standard fixtures that would light this tank properly, and you seem to have nailed it. Good stuff man, keep the pictures coming, I wouldn't be surprised to see this as tank of the month someday.

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Lol thank phattypeeps!



I have to get it into show-mode quickly though because in a few months we may be moving, and moving at tank almost always means something dies and it never looks like it's former glory for a long time.



Today, however, I'm getting some blue xenia :D :D :D. I've seen this stuff from my friend's tank and it's as blue as the background of phattypeeps avatar.

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Now I have 3 different forms of "blue" anthelia.


I will try to get pics of them soon, but the newest is kinda wilty looking since it's only been in the tank a couple hours. And they are all only small frags.



I have:

The short, uber-blue turf looking anthelia.

A slightly longer, pinkish-bluish anthelia (just hard to describe, and about 3/4" long).

And a really blue, almost normal sized anthelia (the newest).



Hopefully these will rocket off like wildfire. Part of my goal it to have a tank dominated by these sorts of things.

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OK some pics of some recent additions. Pardon the diatoms here and there. That's what happens sometimes on a tank with nearly no filters.


Turf-style blue anthelia (barely 1/4" tall, if even that, but VERY blue).




"medium" length blue/pinkish anthelia, I've never seen this variety before. Roughly 1" long at the most (right now).





"long" blue anthelia, which grows up to around 2" long. This one looks angry because it's brand new in the tank.




Small white polyped toadstool leather





Watermelon zoas!




Tubbs blues




Strange mushroom (Rhodactis indosinensis). What in the heck do you call this color? It's like camo-green-pearl.




Reef salad!




VERY long tentacled, "aussie" Green star polyps, with white pom-pom on the left.



The talk arched stalk is a photosynthetic gorgonian I got from a friend. To the right, pipe organ. To the left and top are the GSP and pom pom from the previous pic.


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PLEASE post a link in my thread--- of your thread, if you have one. You are the first human, I think, that I've met that has this tank size, and I love this tank!!


Here's a link to my build. I love the dimensions on this tank. There's no dead or wasted space and you're inches a way from every coral.


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Looks great! I need to look into a photosynthetic gorgonian. That's cool and I've never heard of it. Would give my tank a more natural appeal. How bout another FTS? sry if I missed it.


Oh yeah, nice pics of the Tiger goby. Try taking pics of a barnacle blenny. Those things are super fast.

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Be aware of those anthelia! never let it get even close to rocks! mine took over the whole 14g in only a few months..

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Looks great! I need to look into a photosynthetic gorgonian. That's cool and I've never heard of it. Would give my tank a more natural appeal. How bout another FTS? sry if I missed it.


Oh yeah, nice pics of the Tiger goby. Try taking pics of a barnacle blenny. Those things are super fast.


The gorgonians don't tend to ship well (at least, not this one variety), so try to find it locally.


Mine is brownish turd color, but it's really an awesome coral. It's the only brown thing I have so it's unique shape stands out.



I can't find the tiger goby. I rearranged the rockwork a little today, never saw him. I hope he's still there. That would be goby #2 that's disappeared on my.



Be aware of those anthelia! never let it get even close to rocks! mine took over the whole 14g in only a few months..



In this tank it would be a benefit. I only have a few corals that can't compete with anthelia (with some help from me)--- mostly zoanthids and a couple SPS, so I keep them sequestered.


Fast growth on anthelia will really benefit this tank since I have no filtration/skimmer/GAC.

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By the way, I don't have a full tank shot yet, I've added several corals and mildly rearranged the rockwork (today) so I need to give them a day or two so they can settle in.


I also bought a ghetto tripod for my camera that I need to mod (add longer legs) so I can get a good, GOOD FTS.


The link below is still really a good representation of what the tank looks like.



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Minor update.


The other day I tested the nutrients in this tank. Was a bit surprised (these were before I started dosing vitamin C powder).


Phosphate was 0.00ppm by the Seachem kit (a low range kit)--- it showed absolutely no color change whatsoever. The ONLY time I've ever had phosphate that low was when i was dosing vodka aggressively, over a period of 4-6 months.



Yet the nitrates were 10-15ppm. I feed mostly flake food into this tank, which are normally phosphate bombs.



So something in this tank (and it's not algae) is sucking the phosphate out of the water as quick as it goes in there. There's some coralline algae growth in the tank, but not THAT much.

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Full tank shot:


Feb 5, 2012



Moved the beer bottle. Now it's a "shelf" with most of my zoas glued to it. Makes a nice "cave" underneath it. Alas my blood shrimp died from a bad molt, so he doesn't hide here.




Better pic of the crazy orange/grey zoas, these are looking very healthy.




Green ric:



Better pic of the crazy blue anthelia, I LOVE this stuff!!!!



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I am shocked at how clean the water is in this tank since it has no mechanical filtration.



I'm doing a bunch of things wrong in this tank and, by and large, it looks great. Just wanted to share a few observations.


You can run small tanks with no mechanical or chemical filtration, and even be a bit lazy on water changes, as long as you understand several important points.


  • You cannot stock the tank heavily with things that need to be fed-- like fish or non-photosynthetic corals. The more organics you put in the tank, the more likely you will have alge problems.
  • You cannot get lazy on the water top-off. I've lost a couple SPS because I let the water get up to 1.029 for a few days. Everything else is fine, but both of my hydnophora varieties died.
  • Water flow is extremely critical. In non-skimmer, non-filtered tanks like this, you run the risk of cyanobacteria. I have a lot more water flow in this tank than most soft-coral tanks would have, but I have nearly no cyano (a trace, on the glass, under the gravel).
  • Really long, shallow tanks are awesome!!!! Easy to work in, just difficult to find good rockwork for.

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Just added a green/red min-carpet anemone, several species of photosynthetic gorgonians, and a really odd looking branched montipora frag. It looks bleached, but I've seen the mother colony at the Reef Farm where it was grown out, and it always looks "white"--- but supposedly "greens up" under actinics.



We shall see :D. Pics to come as soon as everything settles in, the carpet eats all my @#$%#$ fish, and I can get a break from grad school classwork.

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More Pics! I can't get any good pics of the gorgonians yet. I now have 3 different species of photosynthetic gorgs, but they aren't open fully yet.


But here is the mini-carpet I picked up at the Reef Farm yesterday.




Top down pics!


Yellow fiji leather:



Silver xenia



White "pom pom" xenia



Green star polyps






Reef Salad!


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The mini-carpet is being a drama queen, it isn't happy at all.


It moved to a shaded area last night with moderate/high flow, looks kinda shriveled, and has a small white "thingy" poking out of it's mouth. I'm not sure that this is a good sign at all. First one of these I've ever had, so I'm not sure if they normally act this dramatic or if this one is on it's way out. If this were a BTA I'd be worried.

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OK folks, here are some pics of the photosynthetic gorgonians. Hoping to get them fully ID'ed soon ;).



Two types in this pic. One has a light blue "stalk" with light brown polyps, the other is all brown and super-fuzzy. Both are very unique.



This one has a very thick stalk, and polyps nearly as big as GSP polyps.




Here are the best I could do with close-up shots.






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OK, pics of my clowns.


The first two are the newest clown that is from Doni's Reef. It's the offspring of snowcasso clowns but doesn't quite have the snowcasso markings, but I'll be honest with ya, this is one pretty clown. My son named him Lightening McQueen.







This one is also from Doni's Reef and is basically a normal true perc, except the stripe on the back is actually a round ocelli which is cool.



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Quick update, only good news ;).


I added a small Aquaclear HOB just for the carbon. I was given some really nice SPS by a friend, and rather than risk killing them, I spent the $30 on a HOB. Seems to have worked, they've all been in the tank for 4 days now and all seems well. In the past, they would burn up in a couple days (some, not all).



I still dose Vitamin C powder, buffered. 1/4 tsp a day is the magic number, and the trace of buffer in the VC powder is also holding my alkalinity quite stable at 8-9 dKH.


Keep in mind, I have no skimmer at all on this tank, and yet I also have 0.05ppm phosphates and 0.2ppm nitrates, on the Salifert kits (just tested tonight)



Small white/brown toadstool.




AOG Zoas growing quickly.



Idaho grape purple monti growing, as well as a new frag of Turbinaria scrolling coral on the back wall (magnet plugs).



Two small neon-green toadstools.



Several SPS---Monti undata, Monti digitata, and turbinaria.



Acro, of some sort. When "colored up" it's way more blue than this, in Gatorchem's tank (local friend).



Red mushrooms:



Kinda-sorta red/green lobo:


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