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Reef Brainiac Announcements!

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Hey guys, don't forget our 2011 Yearly Reef Brainiac contest is almost over. Big prize on the line so make sure to get your answers in if you haven't already!



Also, we wanted to announce a change in how the Reef Brainiac game runs next year. Specifically, in the 2012 game, answering a question wrong will result in the loss of 2 points. Answering correctly will still net you 5 points. We think this change will make the game a bit more challenging for everyone. Remember, questions remain in the mix until you answer them correctly, so if you don't know the answer you have the option to do some research and answer correctly the next time you see that question.



In light of this change, we will be clearing out everyone's score shortly after the first of the year when the new scoring system goes live - you'll start over at 0 and see all the questions again! There will likely be a day or three of lag time before it's actually up and running after the 1st, so look for an annoucement here when the new game is live. Any questions answered in 2012 before the change over will be erased and will not count towards your 2012 score, you'll start over with everyone else.



And as always, we'll be adding new questions to the game from time to time. If you'd like to try and stump your friends, we welcome submissions to add to the game! No better way to get an easy 5 points than to have your own questions added to the mix!

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