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TinyGiant's GU10 LED 55G In-Wall

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FTS 12/21/12




This tank is barely over a year old. Originally moved my 5.5nano into it.

(here is the build thread: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=255228)


its lit by 30 gu10 3w LED from ebay. you can read all about them and my adventures with them in the first link in my sig.



Now on to the tank. Its build into the wall in our house. I do a 5gal water change about every two months.. I top off 3gallons or so with RODI every other day or as needed.

Salinity is at 1.023ish

Heat 78.5F-ish


I like to keep my tank equipment very simple as you will see



55 G marineland all tempered tank

Red Sea Prizm Skimmer

Koralia 1050

Koralia 750

Via Aqua Ti heater


Livestock: I have pictures, common name and scientific name of every coral i own :) its been a labor of love lol



Scooter Blenny- Synchiropus ocellatus

Pajama Cardinal - Sphaeramia nematoptera

Orange Firefish- Nemateleotris magnifica

Bangii Cardinal- Pterapogon kauderni

Hippo Tang- Paracanthurus hepatus

Yellow Tang-Zebrasoma flavescens

Pair of Percs- Amphiprion percula

Royal Gramma- Gramma loreto

Sixline Wrasse- Pseudocheilinus hexataenia

Tail Spot Blenny- Ecsenius stigmatura

2 Green Chromis



Red Bubble Tip Anemone- Entacmaea quadricolor

Green Bubble Tip Anemone- Entacmaea quadricolor



Blue Leg Hermits

Scarlet Hermits- Paguristes cadenati

Skunk Cleaner Shirmp-Lysmata_amboinensis

Fire (Blood) Shrimp- Lysmata debelius

Peppermint Shrimp- Lysmata wurdemanni

Florida Cucumber- Holothuria floridana

Pom Pom Crab x2- Lybia tesselata

Red Serpent Star- Ophioderma squamosissimus

Banded Serpent Star- Ophioderma appressum

Porcelain Anemone Crab- Neopetrolisthes maculosus

Margarita Snails-Margarites pupillus

Cerith Snails- Cerithium eburneum

Asterina Starfish- Asterina spp.

Micro Turbo Snails- Collonista amakusaensis

Maroon Serpent Star

10 nassarius snails

3 Red Tip Hermits

15 Astrea Snails

Hawaiian feather Duster Worm

Yellow Sponge

Orange Ball Sponge with Communal Polyps

Crocea Clam

Gold Maxima Clam

Gold Squamossa Clam


Macro Algae:

Botryocladia sp.

Halymenia sp (Dragons Breath)


Red Gracilaria




Red Planet Acropora- Acropora hyacinthus

Larry Jackson Acro- Acropora valida

Green Mili- Acropora millepora

Chili Cap- Montipora capricornis

Green Cap- Montipora caprocornis

Orange Cap- Montipora capricornis

Purple Rim Cap- Montipora capricornis

Flower Petal Cap: Montipora capricornis

Green Digi- Montipora digitata

Blue Danae- Montipora danae

Jason Fox Setosa- Montipora setosa

Reverse Sunset monti- Montipora spongoedes

ORA Green Birdsnest- Seriatopora caliendrum

Pink Birdsnest- Seriatopora stellata

Cauliflower Coral- Pocillopora damicornis

Cauliflower Coral- Pocillopora verrucosa

Orange Psammacora- Psammocora superficialis

Superman Digi- Montipora digitata

Neon Green Acro- Acropora aculeus

Elkhorn Monit- Montipora hirsuta



Blasto- Blastomussa merletti

Blue Candy Cane Coral- Caulastrea furcata

Kryptonite Candy Cane Coral- Caulastrea furcata

Meteor Shower- Cyphastrea ocellina

Branching Meteor Shower- Cyphastrea decadia

Green Duncan Coral- Duncanopsammia_axifuga

Blue Chalice Coral- Echinophyllia aspera

Green Hammer Coral- Euphyllia ancora

Green Frogspawn Coral- Euphyllia divisa

Grapes of Wrath Favia- Favia sp

Green Horn Coral- Hydnophora rigida

Hell Fire Crater Coral- Leptastrea purpurea

Green Meat Coral- Micromussa amakusensis

Cactus Coral- Pavona catus

Orange Leaf Coral- Pavona maldivensis

Maze Brain Coral- Platygyra acuta

Blood Red Challice- Echinophyllia aspera

Green Acan Lord- Acanthastrea lordhowensis




Red Devil Sea Fan Gorgonian- Swiftia exserta

Encrusting Gorgonian- Erythropodium caribaeorum

Green Tree Leather- Nephthea spp

Pom Pom Xenia- Xenia umbellata

Gorgonian/Sea Fan- Muricea elongata

Green Toadstool Leather- Sarcophyton ehrenbergi

Cabbage Leather- Sinularia dura

Blue Coral- Heliopora coerulea


Hairy Mushrooms- Rhodactis indosinensis

Armor of God Zoanthids- Zoanthus spp

Blue Hornet Zoanthids- Zanthus spp

Blue Palys- Palythoa spp.

Neon Clove Polyps- Clavularia spp.

Misc Mushroom- Discosoma spp.

Eagle Eye Zoanthids- Zoanthus spp.

Fire and Ice Zoanthids- Zoanthus app.

Pink and Gold- Zoanthus spp.

Green Rhodactis- Rhodactis spp.

Lord of the Rings Zoanthids- Zoanthus spp

Magic Mushrooms- Discosoma spp

Nuclear Eclipse Zoanthids- Zoanthus spp

Neon Musroom- Rhodactis spp

Green Star Polyp- Pachyclavularia spp

Radioactive Dragon Eyes- Zoanthus spp

Blue Tubbs Zoanthids- Zoanthus spp.

Neon Eyes Zoa- Zoanthus spp

Teal Palys- Palythoa spp

Tickle Me Pink Zoanthids- Zoanthus spp.

Orange Rhodactis Mushroom- Rhodactis spp.

Orange Two Tone, Green Mouth Riccordia- Riccordia spp.

Teal Green Riccordia- Riccordia spp.

Ring of Fire Zoa- Zoanthus spp.

Eye of Rah Zoa- Zoanthus spp.

Hawaiian Starburst Zoa- Zoanthus spp.

TG Blue Riddler Zoa- Zoanthus spp.

Green Button Polyps- Palyathoa spp.




Sun Polyp- Dendrophyllia fistula






Now for the Pictures.












Took this one a couple days back


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some of you might remember my frustrations with the right column in my tank. It took me forever to get it the way that i wanted it.. or felt okay with. I bought two biocube setups the other day to part out and ended up with some rock that i could swap out and change the right side a little bit. I've been thinking about doing it for two days but hadnt felt like it was time yet.. all my rock is just stacked.. not glued.. so its scary working on the columns.. But i knew the section i didnt like was the bottom right side of the right column and the rock there wasnt structural.. it was sort of extra rock that i had to find a place for..



so after playing with a couple new pieces of rock i actually ended up taking out more rock from the tank than i put in. Cleaned up that whole column.. so now i can clean the side of the tank.. which is what has been bothering me. Its been really hard to clean it and I decided enough is enough.


Well after and hour or so of starring at rocks and playing live rock jenga.. I finally got something I am really stoked about. Its really balanced looking now, I was able to bring the really nice long tentacle toadstool to the front and really opened up that other side so I can clean it. My new scooter blenny swam over quick once i pulled the rocks out.. prolly nabbing pods as they tried to scurry away :)



Anywho. what do you think? (the only thing i am not 100% happy with is the branching gorg.. gotta find a better place for it)






After:(everything is still pretty ticked off from the rescape)





Front Closer







Back Closer


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Tank looks great but the frag racks are very distracting. Just my .02$

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i completely agree. possibly after i sell the two biocubes i might setup a 33L on the basement to run as a frag system.

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i had to put that zoa colony suspended again.. lol i like random corals jetting out of the rockwork.. as you can probably see :)


and thanks Knox :)

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lol i cant wait to see it tomorrow with everything open :)


I also took a wire brush to all the coraline growing on my prizm skimmer.. trying to help seed some more nice pink coraline in the tank. I have been getting a really thick maroon coraline in this tank and the standard pink/purple on very little of the rock

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i'm really digging this new scape. I'll take some pics and a video once the leather opens up :)

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Next week I will be setting up a 33g in the basement ... so the frag racks will eventually be gone from the display again :)

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added a red planet acro to my tank, and a large dendro polyp too. should have a picture of it eventually. this are coloring up nicely

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A member of the club i run surprised me with a baby gold maxima today :) wanted to trade for some frag bank. lol trade toward credit toward something i will have in the future.. works for me.


its currently drip acclimating. I will post some pics tomorrow :)


in sad news. my hawkins acro echinata bleached over night the other day :( probably would have taken way too long to grow anyways.. but i was hopeful it would do well. has been fine for like 4 months...

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new clam :) sat right where i put him. saw the foot starting to attach already :) gotta love LEDs :)




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randomly lost my torch coral today. turned to jelly. quite random.. nothing around it and no other corals seem even remotely stressed.. oh well. should be able to grab another at some point :P

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tomorrow night I hope to do a series of Actinic shots and an actinic video if the camera will handle it :)

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How in the heck do you do 5 g change every 2 months that thing is clean! Wow

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