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Cuc shipping in the cold?

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Hey John,


I'm in dire need of a cyano eating cuc. I've been batteling it for about two weeks now with a piece of tubing and multiple large wc. I live up here in il and its been quite chilly. Just making sure its ok to order. Went to the lfs and spent 20 bucks on 6 hermits and 6 snails, ugliest snails I think they could find and allthe same kind. Tank is a 20l with a 10g Sump. I do have a pistol shrimp and on occasion I do find empty hermit shells but he seems to leave the snails alone. So is it ok to order? Same alive arrival?


Ps I'm loving this rock. Under the cyano and where there is no cyano its really starting to color up nicely. Nice greens, purples, and pink coraline starting all over.

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Yep it works the same, we will use heat packs. It is fun to see new coralline recruit on rock, you get a lot of mixed colors at first. Purple and pink tend to dominate in the end though.

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I'm in dire need of a cyano eating cuc. I've been batteling it for about two weeks now


While a beefed up CUC can help control cyano, they will only munch on it to some extent (it's bateria and not really algae).


What you really should do is limit the nutrients going in the tank. I've also used Chemi-clean red slime remover and it works wonders.

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Thanks john. I will be placing my order shortly.

@ bensanders

This is a new tank. I used 30lbs of dry rock with a lb of lr from my nano. The tank is just 6 months old so its still balancing itself out. Really it doesn't have an adequate cuc because it hasn't been needed until now. So its not really beefing up a cuc its adding what's needed for a tank this size. I have read about the red slime remover, I just didn't wanna go squirting something in my tank to fix a problem that all tanks go through at the beginning. I decided to change 5g every other couple days siphoning the cyano off and add a good cuc to finish the rest of it. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought my plans were right on track.

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Awesome John, shipment was here by noon. Floated for 15 mins and dropped em in. When I left for work 95% of em had apparently had the same shift cuz they went to work as well. The barnacle cluster looks great in the tank as well. When I'm home from work ill add a pic. Thanks again john.

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Your welcome! If you bump into any questions just give me a shout.

I think you are on the right track, it just takes time like everything else in this hobby. :)

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