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[FS] CREE LED Fixture, open to offers

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Hi, i'm selling my DIY 24 CREE LED fixture. It has an aluminum heatsink made from aluminum "U" channel. It also has an acrylic splash gaurd. There are 12 CREE XR-E Royal blue LED's and 12 CREE Cool White XP-G LED's. The kit came from Rapidled. The drivers are not dimmable but you can turn each channel on or off individually. I made this fixture about 1.5 years ago and it's been hanging over my tank ever since then. The optics are 60 degree so it should hang about 1 foot over the tank it's going over. My tank is a CAD 39. I've kept a crocea clam and various sps under this light. I'm parting with it because i've recently made a new fixture and i need funds to make another fixture.


Also included, if anyone wants, is the hanging arm and cable. I made the hanging arm using electrical conduit piping, painted black. Total price is 220$ for everything.


I would prefer to sell locally in Seattle. But i can ship too. Shipping would have to be seperate for the arm though. Shipping costs extra as well.


On a Side note: the wires hanging off the back of the fixture in this picture are incorrect, because i later ran the wires through the tubing, so there is much less clutter.






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Would love to get this, but I don't have the 300 right now. I'm even local to Seattle. *sigh*

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