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Rio Grande Twins

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20130414_151124_zpsac5b3a65.jpgFTS 4/14/13


The twins 4/14/13





FTS 2/12/13
FTS 8/22/12
FTS 3/3/12 (crappy I phone pic)

Start date: 11/11/11

Tank: RSM 130D Sole reason for choosing the RSM: Stevie T's thread here on NR
Stand: Stock RSM
Side Cabinet: custom DIY to match RSM stand
Scape: Custom DIY rock sculpture. Inspired by Chingchai and Nineball (RC Forum)

Lighting: Ecotech Radion Pro natural mode @ 100%
Skimmer: Lifereef skimmer
ATO: JBJ with Marineland Maxijet 1200 and Stevie T black PVC pipe mod
Flow: Ecotech MP10w x 2, reefcrest @ 60%, battery back up
Heater: Aqueon 150 w
Filtration: Custom Lifereef sump with CPE and Phosban underneath the filter pads
RO/DI: Sprectrpure CSPDI 90 gpd, with booster pump
Salt mix: Red Sea coral pro
Sand: Caribsea, fine sugar

Fish: 2 ocellaris clowns, midas blenny, sixline wrasse

Inverts: Serpent star. Hermits: electric blue, blue leg. Snails: nassarius, dwarf certh, nerite, turbo, dwarf planaxis, stomatellas.

Corals: Elegance, emerald duncan, branching duncan, nsp gorgonian

Birdsnest: red, ora green, ponape, hot pink, tubbs, hot pink, BOP

Montipora: Sunset, superman, setosa, orange, LE fiery orange,blue and purple digitata, alien green confusa, orneji juici, forrest fire

Zoas: blue tubbs, radioactive green, hawian tropic, ultra eagle eye, dragon eye, hulk, bozo,tropical flower, blue steel, blue dream, cherry flash, Le carribian, rasta farian, nuclear eclipse, mandarin flash, demon eyes, flaming keds reds, purple haze, bluekiss, skyeees, bubble gum.

Palys: purple death, everlasting gobstopper, armor of god, nuclear green, pink & gold, mohawk, rare red, rare orange, supernova, super girl, spiderman, pink/purple, space monster, pink dragon, watermelon, pink dawn, galaxy sparkle, peachy, pink sparkle.

Styophora: hot pink, milka

SPS: ultra pink millie, strawberry shortcake, royal blue turaki, neon supergreen acro, purple valida acro, neon green slimer, sunrise rainbow millie, tyree jesus stag, Larry Jackson tricolor, ORA cali tort, oregon tort, rare yellow tort, , blue on blue gomezi, cherry red millie, kryptonite vermiculata, rainbow blue millie, Tyree pink lemonade, aqua tenius, snowcone prostata, pearl berry.

Acan: ultra, rainbow

Ricordia: 18 purdy ones



Added Lifereef custom sump with a 34 gal cubed Solona as a display fuge, lighted by my older Radion XR30 (G1). It has 12 different macros, 30 + zoas, two rock nems, 2 mini nems, purple tipped froggy, green favia, red/green blasto, three photo gorgs, and five fish which are:


Flame angel

Black cap Jawfish

Mystery wrasse

Hellfreaky fire fish

Swales swiss basslet


This is my first attempt at anything salty. After years of facination and obsession with reef tanks, I finally got an RSM 130D. Based on everthing I read, I always thought nano tanks weren't big enough to be stable and always were on the verge of crashing. Needless to say I stumbled onto this wonderful site and quickley learned that this was not so.

I was inspired by all the tanks on here, but became especially facinated with Stevie T's tank thread and how his tank evolved and how simple he made everthing. This gave me the confidence that I might be able accomplish a similar tank since I live in the deepest part of South Texas where reefing is almost unheard of, so the only support I could count on would be found right here on nano-reef.

So far I have the tank, built a rock structure and am in the process of building a cabinet that will store buckets of water and other stuff. Some really cool goodies have arrived and am waiting for a few more before I am wet.

Well enough babbling, here are some pics:





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I live in the Valley too.








<<-- See? Mexico.

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scape looks awesome :)

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Epicfish, Mexico, Texas, that's funny!!!! Where in the valley are you? And where the heck do you get your supplies, fish and corals?????


Jrmiller, thanks! The rock was from Reef Cleaners and I was very happy with it. The structure was a lot of fun to make.


Thanks, mark

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I live in Mission and work in McAllen. I have to have everything shipped in here, of course. Sucks, doesn't it? Let me know when you're ready to stock your tank and we can split shipping.

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Hey Epicfish, thanks for the offer! If you're ever planning to be in Harlingen, let me know. I always have cold beer in the frig.



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So I got alot done this weekend. Finished the cabinet, I tried to match it to the RSM cabinet. Took me a while to figure out the rodi, the ATO and the MP 10, but I think everything came out OK. Here are some crappy Iphone pics:















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I found a couple more pics:


This is a shot of the rock structure from above. The "arms" were designed so that there would be very few shadows.




I even did the Stevie T paint the mag float mod, lol




I even included this in the cost, we live in a hurrcaine prone area:



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Update: About two weeks ago I placed some dry reef rock in a reef tank at the LFS so it could get seeded. Yesterday I placed those rocks along with some live sand from the same tank in the RSM. I also put half a dead shrimp in there as well. Also for what its worth I put the recommended dose of bacteria in a bottle that came with the set up in there as well.


I hope this will start the cycle. Should I do anything else???


thanks, mark

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Not sure if you will need the shrimp... I would take it out and add just a little flake food to the tank. When that shrimp goes bad its gonna smell like a fish market bathroom :eek:


Your tank is gonna be bad ass!

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Hi Spiro

i read your comment on my thread about your mp10 and wanted to help you out

Setting up your mp10 should be easy

I would recommend pushing the mode button until the color changes to yellow... it will we running at a constant speed at first and just adjust with the knob it to the max flow you want and hit set. This will be in reef crest mode and it will go up and down in power and never go past the max speed you set it on... it's so fun!


here is a better manual


and a neat little video =)



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Thanks EZ!!!!! I haven't had time to do anything since this last weekend. lol. I'll check out the video, as I'm better at the visual stuff.

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I like stickers, just like a little kid. I think I'm gonna order about 1,000 of the GFY ones. I can think a many places I'd like to stick em.







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No, EZ, not yet. I printed out the 40 some pages and skimmed the info. Looks like the reefcrest mode is very cool. I can't get youtube at work, so I'll try and view it tonight.


Question, I took out the shrimp after a couple of days but still no amonia reading. Should I throw it back in?


Thanks for all your help!!!!


It's really funny, I've done a ton of research, read a lot of books and almost daily scanning on the forums. I feel like a contractor who got his license by reading books only and has never built a house.

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Question, I took out the shrimp after a couple of days but still no amonia reading. Should I throw it back in?



I would leave it out... have you been testing everyday? sometimes the ammonia can disappear fast. do you have any nitrite or nitrate readings? I cant tell, but are those diatoms on your rocks... the brown stuff?

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I didn't test the first three days cause I figured it would take a while for the NH3 to build up. Not sure what's growing on those rocks. They were in the LFS's well established reef tank for about two weeks.


Nitrite readings were almost zero as well. I plan to start testing daily from now on till I get some postitve readings.

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You did an awesome job on that stand!


I lived in Corpus Christi for 10 years. There's a fish store there is you go up that way. It's called Tropical Fish Haven and it's on McCardle. They have an awesome acrylics guy, if he is still with them.


Epicfish? Are you the epic I use to talk to? It can't be 'cause you're in feakin' South Texas instead of Southern California.

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Tank looks great and so does that stand! great job man. Man i really want the vortech mp10 for my bc29 hopefully someone will have it on black friday sale.

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seahorsedreams and mpsti05, thanks! I tried to have the cabinet match the RSM stand and have lots of room for storage since there isn't much in the stand itself.

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Can't wait to see this tank thriving....



Me neither! I feel like such a dorkus noobus on this project. I hope I can be patient for the cycle to finish.

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I am so getting a RSM, when I upgrade. Unless I want to brave it and build my shallow.



Since I am so experienced in these matters, here is my opinion, the RSM is a great AIO tank, but still needs some mods to make it perform well. I think it is a great first tank. Since you will soon be a reef veteran, I think your second tank should be exactly the way you want it including the size, shape and all the possible additions you consider important for a successful reef, ie sump, fuge, lighting etc. Then you can use your current set up a QT or frag tank.


How's that for great advice from a dorkus noobus?

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