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36g Corner Bow - Distraction in my Office

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so i've been trying to set up my 25g cube for QUITE some time now. my wife and i are moving sometime in the next 4months so i don't want to set it up just to have to move it just after cycling. so in the mean time im going to quench my SW thirst by doing a 5.5g pico. i picked up about 50lbs of macro rock for my 25g so i will be using some of that for the 5.5g





50w heater

Rapid LED par38

light timer



Onyx Percula Clown



1 Astrea snail

4 Nassarius snail

6 Dwarf Cerith

1 Blue Porcelain Crab

1 Skunk Cleaner Shrimp






Red Acan

Multicolor Acan x2

War Coral

Pink and Green Blasto

Red Blasto

Blue Pink-Eyed Chalice

Green Red-Eyed Chalice

Cornbread BGM Chalice

Tyree Pink Watermelon Chalice

Jayda Chalice



Garf Bonsai

Pink Mille



Eagle Eye

Whammin Watermelons

Chong bongs

Radioactive Dragon Eye

King Midas

Blue and Teals




Blue Agave

Red Halo

Pyschic PE

Blue Tubbs

Green PE

unknown Orange

Blue Hornet



Green Ricordea

Yellow and Green Ricordea


Pink and Purple Ricordea



after the tank gets started up I will probably add an ATO system since i am out of my office 1-2days every couple weeks. since it was friday and i was bored i did a layout i think i like. i think i will do it a peninsula with the HOB at one end and maybe a small powerhead eventually at the other.


planned scape



let me know what you guys think and if i need anything or should change anything.


Current FTS






























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i love it, looks roomy, cavernous, open all at the same time.

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gonna follow this. looks like its gonna be cool

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yay picked up my tank last night, getting a few more things today. i hope monday it will have water on my lunch break

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i painted the back of the tank, picked up some silicon for the HOB filter, and some epoxy. im soaking the HOB filter and heater in a vinegar bath. i was using them in a FW tank for the last few yrs so they were kind of dirty. also picked up a RapidLED par38 too :D

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the fuge is now drying! here are some pics in the mean time






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diy stuff makes me happy

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and here we go. im still trying to find a bulb, i may just order today or tomorrow. the fixture is 14" about the tank now.




my office


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light is on it's way!

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GRRRR im having problems with my epoxy, its not really holding the rock together well. i applied it yesterday afternoon and its firm but not holding the larger pieces together. if i add some superglue to the epoxy would that work?

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im going to pick some on my lunch today, i've read use the gel stuff

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Woot, the tank is officially wet! I filled it this morning. I'm going to be out of town all next week but I'll prolly have to top it off Friday from anything that evaporated. I'll post some pics prolly the followning Monday when I get back in town.

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what light you get?

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Lookin good! Also curious as to what light you ordered :)


What are your stocking plans?

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the light was actually delivered yesterday. i didnt think the usps was delivering until monday but i checked my box and it was here! i picked up a timer for it. im going to set it up tomorrow before i go out of town.


im going to do some shrimp/goby combo. i'd like a yasha goby but they're pretty expensive. i may wait to try to grab one until everything gets stable and i get an ATO

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i like your scape.

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Thanks. I changed it a little to allow for more open space on the ground

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i got in a little early before leaving and got the timer set so without further waiting...




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anyone have any fish recommendations? i was thinking of a yasha goby but being that this is my first SW tank, i'd rather find something a little cheaper incase they don't make it. i've been thinking of a pearly jawfish but i think they get a little large. maybe a possum wrasse? my LFS had a small, 3/4", YWG that would be interesting. i'd like a pair of small gobys but none of my LFS really carry many nano fish.

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got a little bored yesterday and re did some rock. i liked the cup coral skeleton but i guess the epoxy i used was crappy and was pretty weak. i added a second island. i think the right side will be zoas and ricordia, and the left will have a few sps. i want that left top ledge to have a sweet encrusting monti on it. im going to makeor find a floating rock magnet for the top right under the filter.





and this is the view from my seat



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i've been out of town for work this last two weeks and i came back today to see some algae finally growing. i havent tested my parameters yet, i'll do that today or tomorrow. im ordering an ATO this week

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