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Custom DIY GU10 LED Hood

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(for more info on the bulbs and such visit this thread http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=267432)


I member of a local reef forum I run asked if i could build a LED pendant for his NanoCube. I agreed and figured i would share the process and results :)




I Started by building an acrylic box for the the lights. and installed the sockets by drilling through the acrylic.


here are some pics:






He has a nanocube stand which has the stand with the metal risers so there is a dead space the cross on the bottom of the arm will slide into to counter lever and lock it into place.


I built a boom stand out of PVC.


The metal arm is a TV wall mount stand arm inverted. The kind of thing that mounts an old crt tv to the wall.









I eventaually cut a square to put over the nuts to hide them. Painted it black also. you can see it in the install pictures




Here is the unit installed (just have the blues on)


Pics just show the blues on. didnt have a outlet with 2 plugs free to show before installed it














I didnt take pictures all along the way.. but it also has two 12" LED strips for moon lights and two fans built into the back of it. For Power i used two power cords from hair dryers so they have the gfi built into them. The fans and LED strips are powered by a 12v power supply. Three Plugs total so he could use timers and get the results he wants :)

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if anyone is looking to have a custom hood build feel free to PM me.


I should be done with another hood or maybe two this week that will be up for sale :)

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Great work! I'm abt to build another fixture this time for a 14gal NC

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